The OrangeMoon cares about your insides. 

The OrangeMoon is a functional medicine, nutrition practice with concentration in digestive health. Our principles are based in traditional cultural healing and clinical medical understanding. We work closely with clinical physicians, including gastroenterologist, providing comprehensive support in each clients’ healing process.


OrangeMoon changed my life. Seriously!
— T. Lewis- Atlanta, GA



Nutrition / Dietitian  Support

It is our belief that to manage disease, and or any adverse health condition, in-depth knowledge of the healing properties of food is essential. We provide nutritional support to clients who seek to use nutrition to compliment other treatment methods used to manage adverse health conditions..

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Digestive Health Disease Support

Digestion one of the most important health functions of the body. If digestive function is compromised, many other vital body functions become vulnerable to damage and disease. We specialize in preventing, managing and reversing digestive disease.


Natural wellness counseling

Our team work with clients to determine the best approach to achieve wellness, based on their needs and goals. After completing a comprehensive health assessment, we develop a plan of action, utilizing the resources and skill of both clinical and traditional health practitioners.  

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