The cost of being healthy.....

Written By: Chloe Wong

Being healthy has become somewhat of a trend in recent years from an increase in exercise to diet changes. This is especially obvious with the soaring popularity of organic and natural food against conventionally processed foods. But what is the difference between organic foods and natural foods? Well, first off, organic food are food items that are being produced and handled by means dictated by the Organic Food Products Act of 1990 and carried out by the United States Department of Agriculture. Natural food, however, are not processed chemically or synthesized in any way and derived from plants or animals.

So why do some people prefer organic food over natural food, or vice versa? One BIG reason is that organic food is certified by the government, which makes it more reliable, or rather more trusted by the majority. Natural food doesn’t have such acts like the Organic Food Products Act, or specific definitions to make it as trustworthy with a guarantee from government agencies. Since there are no legal regulations, manufacturers will sometimes put “all-natural” labels on foods that are heavily processed. So be careful while cruising through the supermarket!

Natural food fans have a reason to be against organic food too. They want their food to still maintain its original nutrients and beneficial properties, which organic food can’t always match up to par with.

In the end, the decision’s up to you if you want to try out organic food or natural food. The prices are a little steeper for both, but the health benefits are very obvious. Changing your diet a little can alter your overall health and allow you to live a healthier and happier life.