Winter Blues?


During the colder months, maintaining your mental health and stability is equally as important as maintaining your physical health. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD also known as seasonal depression) is a real issue. It typically occurs during the colder seasons of the year and ends in the spring.  (So, if you feel like your mood is a unstable, and you feel a little down during the winter, then there is a chance that you may suffer from SAD).

A very effective way to combat the issue is by surrounding yourself with family and friends. Laughing, loving and enjoying the company of others prompt a biochemical reaction, communicating with your brain to release endorphins and dopamine. Both of these chemicals are responsible for all of the good feelings you experience during pleasurable moments, like laughing and falling in love.

This winter, please indulge yourself in great company, and healthy foods (avoid processed foods, and fried foods), participate in indoor fitness activities like going to the gym, taking a yoga, spin, dance or pilates class- and most of all laugh a lot!   (SMILE)