The OrangeMoon Holistic Health and Wellness is a boutique holistic healing and lifestyle practice, based in New York City. Natural healing and wellness is on the rise. Consumers are questioning conventional medical treatment methods, and are increasingly exploring ways to maintain their health naturally. We serve as a place where people come to experience holistic living and healing. Our practice and principles are based in non-conventional influences, incorporating practices of many cultures to cultivate an integrated platform of natural healing methods.  We specialize in providing customized programs (detoxification, cellular cleanse, nutrition, herbal, meditation, acupuncture, reiki), based on our clients’ needs and wellness goals. 

We successfully assist our clients in meeting their wellness goals, by encouraging internal balance -  mind, body and spirit, using nutritional counseling, meditation, herbal and physical therapies. We begin our process with a thorough health assessment. We then consult with our clients' primary care physician or specialist, (with consent), integrating healing methods, until the client is able to manage their health independently, with minimal medication, or none at all.

Our approach to wellness, includes a 21 day cellular and organ detoxification program. After the detoxification process,  we work to balance our clients body internal environment, by monitoring PH, hormone and other blood levels to determine potential deficiencies and excess. If there are any that have been discovered, we begin healing, using rigid herbal and physical therapy, meditation, and nutritional counseling.