Can I Moon You?
7:00 PM19:00

Can I Moon You?

We invite you to an intimate discussion sharing the truth about holistic wellness. The OrangeMoon introduces you to their wellness partners, and provide tools to help you make informed decisions about your health.

Come out an enjoy  treats from our event sponsors, and receive your complimentary health assessment. :)

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30 Days to a Lifetime of Wellness
to Feb 5

30 Days to a Lifetime of Wellness

The OrangeMoon has teamed up with yoga aficionado, Trina Morris, for an amazing 30 day journey to wellness.

All participants will receive a 30 minute wellness assessment, a personalized wellness plan, 30 days of nutritional and herbal supplements, and 12 sessions of one hour yoga instruction.

Our plan will guarantee weight loss.
 Most clients a have lost up to 15 lbs!

Join us, from anywhere in the world  January 5 thru February 5 2015,  as  we kick start our journey to a lifetime of wellness.  

You may participate in person (if you are in the NY tristate area), or you may log into our virtual portal from anywhere in the world! So there are 

All participants will enjoy goodies from our corporate participants listed on the flier below :)

To register, click the flier below, or here.

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