There are many health issues and system imbalance is the cause of most disease/discomfort.  An alternative to conventional treatment methods include, nutritional and herbal therapies, and most importantly, lifestyle changes.

If you are dealing with a specific health issue, and would like to know more about alternative treatment options, or if you simply want to maintain your health,  you can benefit from The OrangeMoon’s wellness programs. We work tirelessly (in certain cases, with conventional practitioners), to help you achieve optimal health.

Although our offices are located in New York City, through technology, we have helped clients all over the world.

Before we begin:

  • A detailed health assessment form and food journal must be filled out and sent via email prior to the session.
  • A call to your physician(s) should be made prior to your appointment, as we will need detailed copies of your most recent blood work. 

The initial consultation (1 hour):
Your completed health assessment and blood work will be utilized as a basis for creating a profile that includes your medical history, health issues, and lifestyle. From this profile we will develop a program that will help you manage your adverse health issues, or maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Follow-up consultation(s): A 45-60 minute consultation will take place every 1-2 weeks to review your progress, and make necessary adjustments if needed.  
* Further consultations may be recommended depending on the health issue(s), your needs and progress.