Our approach to healing, and health maintenance is 'whole-istic'. We utilize our deep understanding of body systems, and how each one supports the other. Because of this, we include many healing modalities, to maintain the health of each body system. This supports optimal health. . .

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Its’ intention is to deepen the understanding of sacred and metaphysical life forces. There is also scientific evidence to support that meditation reduces has measurable health benefits, including lowering blood pressure,. maintaining mental stability, and reducing inflammation.

We believe in healing abilities of meditation, and we offer this experience to our client, in group and private sessions.

Wellness practitioner Michelle Mitchum, has studied meditation from some of the industries most profound leaders. After countless hours of meditation practice, participating in many meditation retreats, and having found profound resonance in her personal practice - (of over 2 decades), she leads guided meditation experiences across New York City.  Click here to see the most current meditation schedule.