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Abundance Meditations- Brooklyn

  • Heal Haus Brooklyn, New York (map)
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The practice of meditation is believed to have derived from the Hindu tradition, although many cultures and have used similar methods meditation as practice for thousands of years. Studies show that meditation is associated with improvement in a variety of psychological areas, including stress, anxiety, addiction and depression. There is also research to support that meditation can support health on a cellular level.

Many of us, in this place and time in history, have migrated away from our indigenous land. Some have migrated centuries ago, some as recently as last week. No matter when you migrated, your soul has traveled with you. The soul is defined as an immaterial/non-physical part of being human, and if you are aware of your soul’s consciousness, you know that the soul has had many journeys before you, and will continue its cycle of many journeys, over the course of many lifetimes after you. During it’s cycle, the soul has many experiences, some good, some bad- but all real.

This meditation is rooted in deep breathing, set to the pulse of drum beats while chanting in rhythm of the Earth’s rotation on it’s axis, curated to honor the experiences of the soul. Soothe its discomforts and to celebrate it’s joy.

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