OrangeMoon changed my life. Seriously!!! I had fibroids, acne and overall wanted to feel better. Let me back up… I live a healthily lifestyle and live by the 70/30 plate rule. 70% fresh/raw veggies and 30% chicken/fish. However, I knew I could do better. First week, the calls from Michelle helped me stay focused, on track, and I learned a few really great recipes… the kale smoothie is everything! Two weeks into the cleanse I had LOTS of energy, glowing skin and was finally regular! Daily restroom visits!! Four weeks in, I was craving all the good stuff… fruits and veggies smelled heavenly! And the most amazing outcome… my fibroids started to shrink and I became pregnant! Now I’m blessed with a 5month old that LOVES avocado!. Oh, btw… we would love a little girl!
— T. Lewis, NY

I lost 11 lbs my 2nd weeks working with Michelle. I came to her because I have a family history of health issues, (diabetes, high cholesterol), and I am over weight. I just needed help, and she helped me in a major way. She always treated me and my needs as a priority, and has made herself available to me, no matter the time day/night. I am truly on the path to becoming a new person. Inside and out.
— J Lane, NJ

Michelle is a light! She has worked with me for over 5 years on achieving a healthier lifestyle. Before juicing was all the rage, Michelle stressed the importance of juicing vegetables on a daily basis. She has also introduced me to several ‘potions and remedies’ that have proven to better my health. Anytime I have a health related issue, she has been able to tell me how to address it, naturally. My own ‘medicine woman’ she is . She is also excellent at addressing the specific needs of women and our reproductive system. I could go on and on…. SHE IS THE BEST!
— A Rahmaan, NY

I came to Michelle when my skin broke out in what appeared to be adult acne. She recommended a cleanse tailored to my concerns, a lymphatic flush, and a dairy free diet, with a daily sea moss drink. The sea moss drink was less difficult to take, however my skin was clear in less than 2 weeks. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you!
— S Hill, NY

Kicking off this year The Orangemoon’s “30 days to Wellness” cleanse was the perfect way to come into the New Year. I lost 12 pounds and shed lots of negative energy around my health that I wasn’t aware I was harboring. It was certainly a challenge to eat raw and on day one I couldn’t imagine I would not only make it to day 30 but want to continue eating clean because of how great I felt. I look at food as nourishment not an obsession and want to put healthy food in my body that will boost my energy and sustain me. My approach to food has altered and when I get cravings for indulgences I give in because I know balance is key and having this experience has really highlighted this idea for me. Workings with mimi at OrangeMoon was a pleasure and I will recommend work with her, again and again.
— F Ologunja, NY

Michelle is the consummate professional. I have been working with Michelle for the past several months and I am super impressed with her knowledge and commitment. This is no cookie-cutter process. She does a thorough analysis of your blood work, health and family history and customizes plans specifically for your blood type and health. Michelle also sends fresh herbs and anything else you need directly to your doorstep. It has been an amazing experience working with her as my hair and skin (I suffered from psoriasis) are as healthy as ever and I have lost a lot of weight, and have been able to maintain my weight-loss.
— K. Grant, GA

I have suffered from anxiety for over 15 years, and working with The OrangeMoon has changed my life drastically. They were patient and diligent in helping me overcome my anxiety. For the first time I haven’t needed medicine in a month. I love working with them, and if you are serious about changing your life, The OrangeMoon is the perfect place to start.
— N. Abdullah, NJ

Michelle has really changed my life, and that’s not an overstatement. I really believe that a path to healing requires her approach to holistic wellness, with nutrition, mindfulness and therapies. I’ve had gastrointestinal disease, and had spent years using traditional practices, which led me to piecemeal advice and a series of me medications that only treated symptoms. Michelle instead focused on the root causes of my ailments. Beyond looking at my medical history, we talked about my entire lifestyle. She quickly had me on a detox and completely changed my diet. I immediately felt stronger, more alert, and energetic. I’ve learned natural remedies to control what is left of my symptoms, and I am amazed at how much smarter she’s made me regarding my food choices and health in general. It’s a process of changing my habits, with understanding on what foods I should eat and why. The program is tailored to ‘ME’. I’m confident because it’s a holistic approach that’s rooted around science. But I understand that this is a continuing journey and having Michelle guide me is fantastic.
— N. Goldenburg, NY
When I reflect on some of the choices I made in 2015, this is one of the best. It was time in my life for a health transformation. When I met Michelle Mitchum, creator of Orange Moon, it was my sign. I started to focus on meditation, that, in turn, led to a 21 day Raw detox that changed my attitude toward healthy eating. Additionally, the herbs & supplements required for this detox and life style keeps me on track. I gave up comfort foods and chose health. Thanks to Michelle, I am cleansing my mind, body, and soul :)
— K. Perry, NY